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Jasmine Willois

Ms. Jasmine Willois, MBA

Jasmine has over 15 years of leadership, banking, sales, mortgage and real estate investing experience. She founded the company that pioneered The Note Assistance Program in late 2014. Just prior to that, she founded two real estate investment clubs in Southern California, worked with Homecomings Financial, and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter.

Jasmine has been involved in investors of all backgrounds and financial means. After watching her peers struggle to find their footing in the distressed debt world, she began the note assistance program.  She leads with a passion for empowering the individual investor by “doing”. Her companies provide additional security and comfort to note investors looking to flatten their learning curves, protect their IRA or take advantage of returns. Jasmine takes great pride in building a team of people that are self-reliant, educated and love what they do.

Jasmine sits on the Board of Directors for American Home Recovery Fund and the host of a blog talk program on MyREIAdvisor.com.

Higher education: California State University at Long Beach (The 49’ers)

Off-hours: Her kids, the beach, music and Texas Hold ’em (she loves the focus it requires)

Favorite local small businesses: Mama Carolla’s (local restaurant that is warm & friendly with amazing food and a success story) and The Lego Store

Music preferences: Sade



  • Alternative Investments 90%
  • Note Investing 90%
  • Radio Personality 65%

Thomas Watson

Thomas has over 20 years of leadership and executive management experience with General Electric. Over this time he has worked aggressively with mortgage lenders to order and arrange BPOs, negotiated short sale offers, and secured lenders’ important approval letters in order to proceed with real estate closings. Additionally, he served as a liaison between troubled homeowners and real estate investors to help get approved loan workout plans such as forbearance agreements, temporary repayment plans, and loan modifications. He expanded his real estate investment career by learning to buy foreclosures, doing wrap mortgages, Land Trusts, 1031 Exchanges, buying subject to existing financing and other creative investing strategies. He has been working with real estate investors in the art of investing in houses for 20 years.


Higher education: Rutgers University (Scarlet Knights)

Off-hours: Music festivals, traveling, biking and golf. (The strategy of the sport intrigues him)

Favorite local small businesses:  The Chart House (North Jersey)

Music preferences: Earth Wind & Fire

  • Loss Mitigation Experience 88%
  • Client Retention 80%
  • Negotiation 98%

Marc Gold

Marc Gold is a 22 year veteran of the real estate and financial services industry. He was the founder and President of Loanisland, and independent mortgage bank licensed in 28 states, which originated and sold over $3 billion dollars in residential and commercial mortgages. In 2004, Loanisland was ranked as the 28th largest independent brokerage in the United States. Mr. Gold was also the co-founder and CEO of ipayONE, Inc., a San Diego based real estate brokerage that launched an innovative discount model which propelled the company to the 12th largest brokerage in San Diego county in its first 18 months of operations selling over 1,800 properties. ipayONE was a 2005 Inman innovator award finalist in their first year. Marc is a proud veteran of America’s Navy and is a Brooklyn, NY native who now runs a bi-coastal note operation. He is the managing partner of American Home Recovery Fund (Orange County, CA) and sits on the board of Watermark Exchange (Manhattan, NY).


Higher education: U.S. Navy

Off-hours: Music festivals, traveling, surfing with his sons, and buying choice notes!

Favorite local small businesses:  Spumoni Gardens, Brooklyn NY

Music preferences: Darius Rucker

  • Non Performing 1st 98%
  • Fund Raising 95%
  • Mortgages 100%

Timely Support

In this industry keeping track of your deadlines is important. Knowing how to react to deadlines and adjust with borrower circumstance is of equal importance. The N.A.P. assist with these critical elements of note investing.

Innovative Exit Strategies

The N.A.P. has the experience of some of the most seasoned veterans in the industry behind them. This experience brings creative and innovative ways to increase the investors R.O.I. The program is most notably known for its unique mix and use of technology and old fashion ground work.

Advanced Resources

The N.A.P. is part of an exclusive nationwide network of distressed asset investors. Our clients benefit from our teams connectivity within the industry. Hedge funds, note exchanges, private money lenders, trainers, attorneys, MLO(s) and more are at the finger tips of our staff. Your network = Your NETWORTH!

Clear Communication

Our executive team knows the importance of communication. N.A.P. clients benefit from the industries most aggressive communication platforms. Knowing is half the battle and we make sure our clients are in the “know”.

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